5 Red Flags to Look For When Choosing a Boat Surveyor

red flag

1.) Someone who has no practical experience before surveying

  • Find someone who has a good list of references or referrals

2.) Does multiple survey in one day.


3.)Surveyors have “canned reports”

  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY AGAIN; Make sure you chose a broker who is experienced and knowledgeable about reviewing these types of documents. An experience yacht broker will be able to weed through any money-making scams or gimmicks.

4.)Surveyor attempts to up-sell technology

  • Oil samples, infrared thermography cameras & moisture meters.

This again comes back to hiring an experienced broker.

5.)Does the surveyor start with the hammer or the meter first?

The meter & infrared thermography have a time and place, but it is not first!

Think about it, if the infrared thermography worked the way surveyors are using it, ALL YARDS would have an infrared thermography camera and would point and shoot boats as they haul them out to create $100,000s of fiberglass work.

This is to cover their butt not yours! Oil Samples are also NOT a magic 8 ball. They are only relevant if you have a baseline to compare it to.  While they can be helpful their results are only as good as the supporting data and person interpreting it.

So… How can this be avoided?


Questions to ask professionals:

  1. What did you do before you were in this position?
  2. How long did you do that before doing this, and how long have you been doing this? (Practical experience is key!)
  3. Can I see samples of your work, or talk to references?
red flag

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