How to Choose The Perfect Boat

There are a few questions I ask my clients when choosing the perfect boat for them.


Budget is the most common first question a broker may ask to ensure that their recommendations are foreseeable.


Where are you located? Will you be keeping your boat in a slip, in a private marina, or somewhere else? This would be a good topic to consider thinking about before purchasing the boat. Some slips may have a limit on the size boat you can have as well. Luckily, we can help you with that search!


Looking at your non boating activities can help determine specific features and amenities that will improve your life on the water. Helping us understand your lifestyle, want, and needs can help our team customize a search plan to help find the right boat for you.

Your Ultimate Dream Destination

Are you looking to cruise the Bahamas, complete the great loop, take the family on the water, or just find that fishing boat you have been waiting for. When searching for a boat, we want to make sure it is suitable for your short, and long term goals!

Ready to Find Your Dream Boat?

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