Understanding the Changes in 2023 Yacht Buying and Selling

With changes to the yacht industry looming in 2023, it is essential for potential buyers and sellers to be aware of new policies and protocols that will affect the buying and selling process. The global yacht industry is transitioning to a stricter code of practice, which could change how consumers view their own experience whenContinue reading “Understanding the Changes in 2023 Yacht Buying and Selling”

Beginner’s Guide to Making an Offer: What You Need to Know.

An offer is simply a contract outlining an intent to purchase, signed by the interested buyers that has conditions attached and a 100% fully refundable earnest money deposit.  An industry wide purchase & sales agreement typically highlights the information regarding an offer amount, deposit, contract date, seller acceptance, buyer acceptance, closing date and additional terms.Continue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Making an Offer: What You Need to Know.”

5 Red Flags to Look For When Choosing a Boat Surveyor

1.) Someone who has no practical experience before surveying 2.) Does multiple survey in one day. 3.)Surveyors have “canned reports” 4.)Surveyor attempts to up-sell technology This again comes back to hiring an experienced broker. 5.)Does the surveyor start with the hammer or the meter first? The meter & infrared thermography have a time and place,Continue reading “5 Red Flags to Look For When Choosing a Boat Surveyor”

Is the Boating Industry Shifting?

How to adapt, what to do to sell how to get a good deal as a buyer. Over the past 60 days there have been many price reductions. Florida is the largest boating market in the US and the sales season is currently in swing where many other states have slowed for winter. Currently (11/21/22)Continue reading “Is the Boating Industry Shifting?”

Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts

As more photos and video footage emerges, the world is able to see the devastation and power that was behind Hurricane Ian. Hurricane Ian ravaged Southwest Florida. Devastating many areas along the coast such as Ft. Myers Beach, Ft. Myers downtown and Cape Coral. These areas have some of the highest boat density in allContinue reading “Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts”